Small businesses can't survive without the open Internet. That's why thousands of companies have signed on to our open letter demanding that Congress restore protections against censorship, throttling, and new fees from Internet service providers. But if Congress doesn't act soon, we'll lose our best chance to restore these important net neutrality protections when the new Congressional session begins next year.

If you're a small business owner, sign our letter telling Congress that competition and free markets online are essential to your business.

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Dear Member of Congress,

We are companies who rely on the open Internet to grow our business and reach customers online. We are asking Congress to issue a “Resolution of Disapproval” to restore net neutrality and the other consumer protections that were lost when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted to repeal the 2015 Open Internet Order in December 2017.

Users and businesses need certainty that they will not be blocked, throttled or charged extra fees by Internet service providers. We cannot afford to be left unprotected while Congress deliberates.

We will accept nothing less than the protections embodied in the 2015 order. Please ensure the FCC keeps its tools to protect consumers and business like ours.

Thank you for considering our views.


The undersigned.

What Businesses are saying:

Thousands of businesses have signed this open letter to Congress, urging our lawmakers to listen to the voices of the people and overturn the FCC’s repeal of net neutrality. These are just a few comments:

“We are a small property management and real estate company. We specialize in short term vacation rentals and almost all of our business comes from our website and social media pages. The FCC killing net neutrality could put us in a really bad spot and possibly ruin our business. We support the CRA to bring net neutrality back and keep the web open and free for everyone.”
Christian Pugh, Beach Tyme Properties
“I am the President of Intex Solutions, Inc.; a small company with about 100 employees. I strongly support "net neutrality" and have deep concerns about how not having it will effect my small business.”
David Rosenstein, Intex Solutions, Inc.
“I have a life coaching business. My husband has 2 graphic design start-up companies. We don't make a full living between us at this time. It would kill both our struggling businesses if we had to compete for broadband space.”
Cheryn English, Creative Life Strategies
“Small businesses are the backbone of this country, and affordable access to the internet is vital to many a small businesses' survival. Without net neutrality, an online presence could become prohibitive, and put our very existence in jeopardy by posing a dire hardship with practices such as high costs, throttling, and even blocking or censoring that don't have the resources to pay the high costs of access to the internet.”
Susan M. Wald, The Waldo Tribune
“As a small business owner, net neutrality is vital to our work.”
Marilyn Mullen, Mullen Mediation
“As a small business with most of our sales online, it's essential for us to have equal access to quality internet delivery to our customers. We manufacture award winning audio headphones in San Diego, CA which are distributed all over the world, but we're a small self-funded company. We rely not only on the internet to sell our products, but on community based websites for headphone enthusiasts. If bandwidth is restricted for us, or our supporters online, and costs have to increase our market reach will be reduced, and our margins decreased. This is exactly what we SHOULD NOT be doing to small US based companies, we should be ensuring they have a level playing field with the big guys so we can continue to innovate and deliver exceptional products. It's hard enough being a US manufacturer of consumer goods, don't make it harder. Regards, Dan Clark CEO”
Dan Clark, MrSpeakers, Inc
“I believe that net neutrality is important for the future of business in our country”
Reed Morelli, Hale Hookah
“Our business relies on a fair and open internet. Please protect this right for everyone so that us and many others can continue to see the benefits of fair access for all.”
Christopher Dasbach, Thunder Bunny Labs LLC
“Developing urgently needed solar innovations requires full ability to communicate. Restricting internet interaction is a business stifler. We need biz to grow, not struggle.”
Paul Klinkman & Liberty Goodwin, Klinkman Solar Design (KSD)
“Equal access to Internet services are vital to my business. Because there is no true competition in Internet providers in my area, (only Comcast is available), it is vital that I have equal and unhindered access to all internet content.”
Eric Henderson, Paragon Machinery
“Net neutrality is essential for a healthy democracy and to enable healthy economic competition. My business relies on making our information and services easily available online. I urge you to support net neutrality at this crucial time.”
Susan Henning, Advance Physical Therapy
“Getting rid of Net Neutrality is a terrible idea. The internet is the greatest invention of our time, please do not let a handful of corporations alter it for their own gain.”
Mike Brophy, Generation Tech Computers
“Net neutrality is ESSENTIAL to the the survival of my small business.”
BETH RONTAL, Partnership In Wellness
“Small Not-For-Profits and Churches will be hurt irreparably if Internet Neutrality is destroyed. We cannot pay for priority service for our website.”
Paul Horne, Church of Our Savior MCC
“There's no excuse at this late date to be "undecided" about net neutrality. Everyone deserves to have fair access to the internet without worrying about censorship, propaganda, throttling and having to pay even more for speed and access. Are you in support of a real democracy and free speech?”
Barbara Magnuson, Pronghorn Wildlife Photography
“Net neutrality is very important for our company and we will only stand behind public officials who stand for net neutrality.”
Cote Licciardi, RAM Computer Repair
“Net neutrality is critical to the success and longevity of my business, and to the employment of my employees. Please support strong Net Neutrality protections (ie Title II).”
Kelly Bell, Gotham City Drupal
“As a small business entrepreneur, an open and free internet is essential to my marketing. I strongly urge you, as a decision maker in this country to issue a “Resolution of Disapproval” to restore net neutrality. Thank for serving the people of this country, Christopher Macor”
Christopher Macor, The persistence of cats
“My farm depends on an open internet for advertising. We could never afford to compete with big Agriculture firms in paying for a fast lane.”
Polly matzinger, Ambling brook farm
“I rely on my access to the internet to be able to manage my business. This involves both uploading and downloading data. The repeal to net neutrality inhibits this tremendously and I am now spending more per month to do the same thing I've been doing for years.”
Jon Stump, Jon Stump Photography
“I am one of 45 million freelancers in this country who depend heavily on the internet for marketing, project research, communication with clients and delivery of final products, which are all digital. Freelancers have already seen steady reductions in fees and difficulty in securing new business, which reduces our earnings and increases our costs. If ATT, Comcast, et al abolish net neutrality, it will further hamper our ability to do business, and in many cases, push us into collapse of our businesses. We are now chained to the internet, which is in fact a public utility, functioning as a commons. The ISP's already earn excessive profits at our expense. Please don't allow this corrupt policy to be enacted.”
Charles Floyd, CFDI
“As both an independent author/artist and a freelancer, I depend on equal access to the internet to reach customers and clients. Small businesses are the life force of local economies and innovation across the country. Making the internet pay-to-play will give an unfair advantage to large corporations that already have more resources. Conglomeration is anti-democracy. Do the right thing and preserve net neutrality.”
Joseph VanBuren, Sykophunk Productions
“As a new and small company, we support NN so that we can give readers the same level of access to our website as the large companies in our industry can. Without NN, we are vulnerable to having large companies pay their way while smaller companies like us get left behind.”
Daniel Eagen, The World's Empire, LLC.
“As a web designer, the thought of ending Net Neutrality is very concerning. I will now have to explain to my customers that no matter how much they spend on SEO or marketing their website, their visibility and success will ultimately be in the hands of the ISP. Their success or failure could depend on how much they are willing to pay and their public facing storefront may be hampered depending on their politcal or social views. It may impact my business as well if they are not getting the desired results from their website, when it may be something that is out of my control and do not have any recourse I am in favor of overturning the FCC and will vote for those representatives who share my views. Net Neutrality is good for business! Please restore Net Neutrality!”
Dean Nixon, Dean Nixon Design

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Thousands of businesses have signed the letter to support the CRA to save net neutrality. Will your business join us?

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Small businesses cannot afford to be blocked, throttled or charged extra fees by Internet service providers. Without these protections they are at a competitive disadvantage against larger, entrenched players with much deeper pockets. This is unfair, and it’s time to fight back.

If you've already signed our open letter to Congress, you can help out by spreading the word on social media, and by contacting your Congressional Representative directly. The CRA has already passed the Senate with historic bipartisan support, and if we can get a handful of additional lawmakers signed on in the House we can force a vote to restore net neutrality.

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